Event catering

With welcome drink and flying dinner.

Event catering belongs of course – for every caterer – also for us as the favorite subject!

Lots of experience and intuition is necessary to manage the different projects on different locations and occasions. Often mobile kitchens are installed on minimal spots where fresh dishes have to be produced and on even more adventurous areas the material backflow has to be handled. Transport and service routes have to be found so that neither guests nor our staff bothers one other. Only a good working environment enables staff to work stress relieved and cheerful.

Breast of guinea fowl filled with herbs, with vegetable Pasta and glazed slices of oranges

The most complicated and at the same time most interesting point in event catering is: infrastructure! Fascinating is to see how different sections(co workers) are able to create a new world for one day or evening and the plan-your event- works out perfectly.

Mixed cheese plate

Events in tents have a natural tension and belong to one of our favourites.

Next to plenty of space for the planned customer tent important questions arise: electricity, water influx and drain have to be taken into consideration, toilets have to be planned, delivery and access of our transporters may not be forgotten….the matching food is only the cherry on the cake! Whether BBQ, buffet with or without front cooking station are only a few ways of presenting our cuisine. End of the day it’s interesting to see what is possible on a plain field.

If we are in the lucky situation to work in a well drafted event location, first of all we are thankful. It makes the job much easier but not less demanding. We are also guests and have to follow the landlord’s rules and this makes it so interesting that at the end of the day all participants have to be satisfied. We are more than happy to have very good connections, friendly relations to quite a few event locations in and around Düsseldorf.