Development and realisation of events that match perfectly to you.

Where you want, whenever you want and what you want We live for terrific, tasty, dreamlike, unforgettable, affordable events.


Events are a question of responsibility and trust. We are a team with an experience of over 25 years in the catering business and we are creative in presentation, serious in implementation, flexible in handling and guarantee a sustainability for your event.

„Reach your satisfaction and top your expectations- with a high degree of quality and trustworthiness.“
-Dirk Fröhlich, managing director

The finefood maker

finefood is only available as team.

We all shape the company with our personalites and keep on developing thru an exchange amongst us and a constructive communication with our customers.

Our team

Gratinared goat chees with radicchio and Lavanda stock
Filet of beef with vegetable pasta

Creative offers for every format

Exquisite catering.

We want to offer you our dishes anytime. Therefore we reconsider every request to match your framework and your individual matters and purposes.

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Delicious food needs plenty of work.

Due to our flexible and fast working we are able to present you a carefree finefood concept. Feel free to contact us for non binding tailor made solution.

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